» About Crossfire

We have been community funded since 1988, and for that we want to thank each and every person and business for your support. We offer a wide variety of free services to our youth between the ages of 12-19, most of which have broken homes and very minimal options for support.

Our Mission

Crossfire seeks to renew and transform the lives of teenagers by assisting them to live out their God-given potential and become productive citizens through nurturing and faith-based Christian programs.

Our History

In 1987 Dan Cravillion, Brent Welch, and David Twite, along with a few other people, met at Brent Welch’s home.  Dan Cravillion, who had been a youth pastor for Christ is Lord Lutheran Church in La Crosse, gathered the group together to seek the possibility of creating a safe place where area youth could gather to avoid negative peer influences such as drugs, sex, alcohol, etc.  From this meeting a fun “party alternative” was created.  The name “Crossfire” was chosen because it describes the precarious position of many at risk teens who are in the crossfire between many destructive influences.  The center would be a rescue center for youth caught in the Crossfire.

For the first several years, Crossfire operated in the basement of the City Square building.  When the Woolworth store was going out of business, Dan Cravillion sent a letter to the absentee owner of the Woolworth property.  Dan explained Crossfire and inquired if he had any interest in selling to the ministry.  By God’s providence, this man had heard from a La Crosse friend about the positive impact Crossfire had on a young person he knew.  This man offered to give his half of the Woolworth property, but explained several other owners would have to be contacted about their willingness to sell.  Only one week remained before the property rolled into the tax roles for another year, so fast action was needed.  Bridget Rabb, a Christian attorney in La Crosse, donated her time and talent to pull the rest of the owners into an agreement.  Amazingly, all the money required to buy the property was raised within 24 hours.

Crossfire has been set up as a 501-C3 tax-exempt Christian educational organization dealing with youth at risk and youth development.